Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This article by Joel on Software is probably the best explanation of what I do than I have ever found before. Though he calls it a Program Manager.

Also useful evidence for the need to write things down...

"There are so many development organizations where specs are a monument to mindless bureaucratic paperwork that entire movements sprung up organized around the idea of not writing specs. These people are misguided. Writing a functional specification is at the very heart of agile development, because it lets you iterate rapidly over many possible designs before you write code.

Compared to code, a written spec is trivial to change. The very act of writing a specification forces you to think through the design you thought you had in your head, and helps you see the flaws in it quickly so that you can iterate and try more designs.

Teams that use functional specifications have better designed products, because they had the opportunity to explore more possible solutions quickly. They also write code faster, because they have a clearer picture when they start of what’s going to be needed. "

Friday, March 06, 2009

Chateau Du Mont (Dom's 40th)

Chateau Du Mont
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The first wave of photos from Dom's 40th in the Chateau Du Mont, Normandy, France. So far I've only processed Saturday's shots, leaving Sunday (the meal) and Monday for other times. Fantastic place to stay though.