Friday, April 27, 2007

The Joy of the Office

Sippet of an email sent to some friends the other day;

> Am sitting in the office today and the annoyingly loud lady who has
> been on the phone ALL DAY just took a call from her child, this is how
> it went;
> "Your friends say I am a what? What's a MILF*?"
> The whole room could hear. I nearly spat my coffee out.
> Now we are being treated to her berating her child for being untidy.
> Joy.

Here's the wikipedia definition of MILF (probably NSFW) for those also ignorant of American Pie.

London Marathon 2007

Nearly there
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Went to see the London marathon on Sunday. One of J's friends was running so we went to watch at the 7mile point. Had to get up at 7:30am to walk all the way to catford to get there before they closed the road. It was a long day, though obviously not as long as for those running in it, especially the dude dressed up as Indiana jones with a huge boulder trailing after him (as in beginning sequaence of Raiders of the Lost Ark). Madness. Apparently he finished about midday monday.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Wot no blogging from work

I can only really do this from home now as my company either randomly chooses to block blogging sites or publishes a new HR policy saying we need to seek manager approval before writing (or submitting to) a blog. Even if you never mention anything about what you do, your company or your name. It irks all the more as they make this big deal about how work/life balance and right-on they are. Bobbins I say.

Leopard delay

Apparently everyone is in a tizz about Leopard (Mac OS X new version) being delayed by a few months to October;

"Apple may have just dealt us the bad news about Leopard, but already reactions are pouring in from across the web and even on our own comment thread. This announcement is huge, and it'll take a while to unpack it all, but I've had some early thoughts and reactions on what this all means, and I wanted to respond to some comments left at our original post of the news. There is quite a bit to deal with, but here are some ideas in no particular order:" - from TUAW

Eh??? Big deal. Its not like anyones's computer is going to crumble to dust of anything. Get a life.

Though Mr Jobs it would be great if it had proper mapping to network drives. Not like the current crap way I have to remap (sorry remount) everytime I awaken my iBook from hibernate.

Everything else about mac is just grand mind you.

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The new Barbie

The new Barbie
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Last weekend we went to B&Q (how domestic) and bought;
1x BBQ
8x solar powered garden lights - not very bright though
1x twinkly tree lights
4x garden chairs
1x garden table

All ready for the summer, so had some friends round to test the barbie. niice.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Woo-Hoo! We got tickets...

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...Glasto 2007, here we come.